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Poster: Phlesh Wound Date: Feb 26, 2011 7:09am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: early 80's help

Here's a quick listing of what comes to mind as I scroll through Deadlists... Obviously there are plenty more gems than this:

1979-08-14: The Music Never Stopped

1979-09-05: MS Half Step>Franklins; Scarlet>Fire

1979-10-27: Jack Straw; Big River; Dancin'>Franklin's

1979-10-28: MS Half Step>Franklins; China>Rider

1979-10-31: Shakedown

1979-11-05: China>Rider, Eyes>Estimated>Franklins

1979-11-09: Jack Straw, Dancin'>Franklins, He's Gone

1979-11-24: Terrapin Station

1979-12-01: Sugaree, He's Gone>Gloria Jam>CC Rider

1980-05-08: Stella Blue (!!!)

1980-06-12: Drums>Scarlet>Fire

1980-06-20: Let It Grow>Althea

1980-06-21: Sugaree

1980-08-16: CC>China>Rider

1980-09-02: Sugaree, Iko>Morning Dew>Sugar Mags

1980-09-06: Playin'>End of Set

1980-10-06: Bird Song

1980-10-10: Acoustic Set, Althea>Jack Straw, Scarlet>Fire

1980-10-18&19: Acoustic Sets (fight through the bad recording, its worth it)

1980-11-29: Shakedown>Franklins

1981-02-26: Stranger, Althea, Bird Song, He's Gone

1981-03-07: Bird Song

1981-03-09: Althea, China>Rider>Samson

1981-03-10 Space>Wheel>China Doll

1981-03-28: Shakedown, Althea

1981-05-01: Althea>Rooster, Let it Grow>Deal

1981-05-06: Cassidy, Sailor>Saint, He's Gone>Jam

1981-05-16: Stranger, Althea, High Time>Let It Grow, Shakedown>Bertha>Lost Sailor>Saint

1981-08-12: Friend of the Devil, Althea, Scarlet>Fire, Estimated, Spanish Jam>Truckin'>Dew

1981-08-28 Shakedown; The Wheel>Jam>Good Time Blues>Jam

1981-09-12: Shakedown

1981-09-13:Ramble>Let It Grow>Might as Well

1981-09-26: Shakedown>CC, Playin'>Bertha>Estimated>GDTRFB

1981-10-16: Awww, just check out the whole thing

1981-10-19:Althea>Let It Grow, Scarlet>Fire

1981-12-03: Black Peter

1981-12-05 CC Rider, Shakedown>Lost>Saint

1982-02-20: To Lay Me Down>Let It Grow

1982-04-06: Looks Like Rain, Shakedown>Lost>Saint>Terrapin, Dew

1982-04-18: Earthquake Space>The Other One> Black Peter

1982-04-19: Second Set through Stella Blue

1982-07-27: Playin>Terrapin>Playin' Jam

1982-08-03: Cumberland, Cassidy, Let it Grow>Drums

1982-08-10: Feel Like A Stranger, Cassidy, Stagger

1982-09-11: Looks Like Rain, Let if Grow, Scarlet>Fire

1982-09-17 TOO>GDTRFB>Dew

1982-09-21: Playin>Crazy Fingers>MΜ>Big River

1982-10-10: Cassidy, Looks Like Rain, Playin>CF>LS>Saint

1982-12-31: Set III with Tower of Power and Etta James

1983-06-18: Scarlet>Fire, DEW, (Throwin Stones>NFA>Touch isn't half bad either)

1983-09-02: Wang Dang Doodle, Help>Slip>Franklin's

1983-09-08: Drums>Space

1983-10-12: Cassidy>Cumberland, Help>Slipknot>Franklin's

1983-10-14: Althea, Scarlet>Fire, Estimated>Eyes

1983-10-15: Space>St Stephen

1983-10-17: Sugaree, Bird Song, Deal

1983-10-21 Scarlet>Fire

1983-12-27 Althea>Jam>Cassidy, Scarlet>Fire

Whew... Like I said, just a few things that came to mind... Far from definitive but enjoy!

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Poster: hamptoneffect Date: Feb 28, 2011 5:08am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: early 80's help

Wow, Phleshwound, Thank You...And I am really glad to see the Earthquake space on there...I forgot about that, but was at the show and remember thinking it was pretty cool, and must be a semi regular thing for Phil to be that random during space...little did I know.